You ready for this? This Dyson sale is about to take your cleaning routine to new heights, just in time for Labor Day. If spending the least amount of time cleaning is the end-goal, a high-tech vacuum cleaner can help get you there. Whether you’re finally leaning into adulthood or are looking to replace your mom’s clunky corded vacuum that looks like it’s been in the lineage since the ’70s, the best Labor Day deals will get you ready to live that Dyson vacuum life.

With plenty of time at home on the horizon for fall and winter, might we recommend an air purifier? Alternatively, do something about those dustballs chilling under your couch and grab a gold-finished vacuum cleaner, which comes a laser (!) that reveals any microscopic dust particles you  might have missed.

It’s not every day you can get these top-tier machines for less, so shop the Labor Day Dyson sale while you can.

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