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Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based spiritual advisor, intuitive tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

September 2021

Justice: And all was well in the world. Leo, you have been faced with inner battles that have caused you to suffer for far too long. These may have been habits of running, hyper-independence, or other defense mechanisms that arose from abandonment wounds. You are finally in a space in your life where you’re willing to change that behavior, even if it scares the living hell out of you.

You have people from your past that still have an emotional or mental grip on you, and that is being released this month if you’re willing to put boundaries in place. It’s okay to love your ex (lover, or friend) as a person from afar, but being so close with them may cause unrecognized problems. If you have no intentions of resolving the problems you have with people, you need to let them go. I also sense family issues bubbling to the surface; speak your truth and know that you have no obligation to anyone regardless of who they are. If someone weighs heavily on your psyche, it’s time to give your psyche a break by removing this dead weight. All in due time, the scales will balance dear Leo.

August 2021

Eight of Swords: Decisions and overthinking, and decisions and overthinking. What a cycle, my lions! It’s time for you to free yourself from the mental prison that has you trapped in overreacting, overanalyzing, and expending all of that bright energy on the wrong thoughts. If you’ve been focusing on playing the cat-and-mouse game with potential lovers, let yourself fall into a fully surrendered state. You don’t need to chase when you simply learn how to attract. Give yourself permission to rest your body, mind, and spirit in the month of August. For some of you, this overthinking is a defense mechanism so you don’t have to deal with the root of your pain. Spirit is warning you that you can’t ignore the parts of your past that have caused you pain much longer. Take time to relieve yourself from your friend groups, social circles, and daily routines, and try to find a sense of inner peace this month. Only when you allow your pain to come to the surface can you fully feel, heal, and integrate the lesson so it no longer dictates your life and actions going forward.

You are about to level up in a big way, and spirit wants to make sure that you don’t sabotage the opportunity with your autopilot behaviors. You do not need to try and impress other people; your guides are asking for you to be more authentic and less concerned about how other people view you. Your life path is going to be quite different and untraditional, so getting the masses to approve of you and how you live is in direct opposition to your destined path. Let life flow, let your expectations go, and raise your standards. You are not meant to settle for instant pleasures, you are meant to dedicate to opportunities that will bring you life-long happiness. Rest your mind, and rest assured that you are moving in the right direction. Seeds grow in the darkness.

July 2021

Queen of Pentacles: Ah, Leo. July is going to be filled with new opportunities that nourish you from a soul level. You may be receiving financial assistance or expansion this month as the earthly mother of the Tarot predicts what’s in store for you. It’s advised that you start to come to terms with what (and who) you want this month, and get serious about how to bring your dream life into a state of reality. You are a talented and sought-after presence, Leo…but you already knew that. Now is the time to walk your talk, and start to show up as the person you know you’re capable of being. That will take dedication. Do not run away from the things that you want; run toward them. Or better yet, run alongside them and continue to grow and expand with the person, project, or job that you’ve got your eye on.



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