When I lived in Italy, people pronounced it Luca and I thought it sounded really good. In the states, I like [when it’s pronounced] Lucas. I want people to call me what they want. But my friends call me Lucio (Loo-cho). It’s kind of Spanish, because Bravo is supposed to be Spanish. We’ve been in France for generations, but people called me Lucio. Sometimes people call me Bravo, but it’s pretty rare. Which one do you like better?

I like it pronounced Luca. I think you have such a cool name.

OK, great. You’re actually the first person in my entire life who told me my name was cool, and I’m never going to forget that!

So you recently you posted a screenshot of a Wiki link page about you, so let’s discuss. It says you’re 6’1. Is that true? 

Yes, that’s true.

And then you circled yes for girlfriend status and it said the name will update soon. So do you have a girlfriend, or no?

I do not have a girlfriend, that’s why I circled it. I purposely circled the wrong information because I thought the whole thing was funny. Actually, Samuel Arnold, who plays Julien, sent me that link. He was like, “You need to see this,” so I posted it.

It also said your net worth is 1.5 million. 

Isn’t it amazing?! I guess I made it, you know? Yeah, not quite, but almost there. [Laughs.]

Since you are single, would you ever date a co-star? And would you ever date a fan? 

Wow. I have this rule about co-stars. Once you step on set, it’s a workplace, and I want to keep it professional. I mean, you never know what can happen, but I really try as much as possible to focus on the story we have to tell and the performance and the character. But I never know. And a fan? I don’t really have fans, so I don’t know. [Laughs.] That is a question I will maybe answer some other time.

Fill in the blank: I love when my partner… 

There are so many possibilities. I love when my partner wakes me up in the morning with cuddly, tender…just a sweet wakeup is the best…kisses on the neck and all that kind of stuff.

What’s your biggest deal-breaker? 

I really don’t like when the person runs away. I like communication. It’s the basis of everything. Don’t be afraid or assume how the other person will take it. I don’t like when there is an elephant in the room and the person chooses to just run away or slam the door or sit in a corner with their baby face on. I don’t like pouting or when someone avoids a conversation.

Lily Collins as Emily and Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in Emily in Paris.

Carole Bethuel/Netflix