Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis joined naturalist Sir David Attenborough for a special video to promote wildlife conservation, proving that animals can unite us all, from the very old to the very young. While they’ve appeared at public events and in the media before with their parents, this marks the first time that the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been filmed speaking. 

In the two and a half minute clip, released via their family’s social media accounts, each of the kids asks Attenborough a question, starting with Prince George, 7, who asks the TV personality what animal he thinks will become extinct next. Using the example of the mountain gorilla, Attenborough explained in kid-friendly terms that with enough worldwide support, no animal need go extinct again. Next, Princess Charlotte, 5, says that she likes spiders, and asks Attenborough if he likes spiders, too. He does, though he says he understands that other people are scared of their many hairy legs. Finally, Louis, 2, asks simply, “what animal do you like?” The answer is monkeys, though for a household pet, a puppy.

The video was filmed not inside a palace but a garden, against a verdant backdrop, helpful both to set the tone of a video about nature and also, amid the coronavirus pandemic, probably safest.

The whole exchange is, to put it mildly, super stinking cute. We would honestly watch an hour-long special of these kids asking animal questions. Perhaps they could have their own interview show?

The three young royals met with Attenborough, one of their favorite celebrities, in late September, wearing matching blue outfits for a get-together in the gardens of Kensington Palace.

The whole family has been putting its efforts into raising awareness about the environment and natural world. This past December, Prince William announced the Earthshot prize, aimed at rewarding scientists who can offer solutions to environmental issues. The initiative was announced in a video narrated by, whom else, Sir David Attenborough. This month, Prince William will premiere his own take on the nature documentary with Prince William: A Planet For Us All, which with any luck will feature Princess Charlotte chatting with spiders, because an animal-loving spooky princess is exactly what this planet needs right now.



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