As for Moore, she agrees that the final train scene was beautiful. “Poor Milo had to keep flipping my pillow around because the shot was so close [to my face] that my tears were dropping on the pillowcase and leaving tear marks,” she says. “In between shots, he kept a little wad of tissues for me to mop up my tears and then help me flip around my pillow and reposition my head. He’s the best partner ever. It was beautiful, and it was the end, and we both knew that. It’s always been so easy with him, and this was no exception. We were like, let’s just be present and be in the moment. It was everything.”

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Mandy Moore as Rebecca in the final episode of This Is Us.

NBC/Ron Batzdorff

Did Rebecca die in the penultimate episode, or was it actually the finale? 

Viewers didn’t see Rebecca take her last breath in episode 617 (titled “The Train”), but basically the implication was that when she squeezed Jack’s hand, which was also Randall’s hand, that’s when she passed on. “For me, it felt like ‘The Train’ episode,” Moore says. “But obviously, Rebecca says in the finale episode, ‘I’m scared, I’m not ready,’ so I feel like that last step of truly making that transition happens during this [finale] episode.” 

By the time the finale episode begins, Rebecca has already passed and the family is getting ready for the funeral. But the last two episodes are really more like one big episode told over two weeks, so really, neither answer is wrong.

What was it like for Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan to have one last “Katoby” scene?

For fans who still refuse to accept that “Katoby” didn’t make it in the long run, the final scene between Kate and Toby on the day of Rebecca’s funeral was hopefully of some comfort. “It was more emotional than I thought it was going to be,” Metz says of the sentimental exchange. “It really was the last scene with Chris and I, so it was so beautiful and poignant. Also, you’re saying goodbye to somebody that you love as an actor and a friend. It was a lot.”